To Own 2 or More Properties by 2021

Learn From Singapore's Top Property Investor

WHY would Dr Patrick Liew run this masterclass for FREE? 

If he is already so successful, why bother to teach at ALL?

After his retirement, he actually went back to school and took his doctorate degree on Financial Intelligence, on how to help people create their wealth, build their wealth and also how to protect their wealth. So he has decided to conduct a class, to share his knowledge and experience hoping to INSPIRE ordinary individuals like me and you to DREAM BIG and ACHIEVE BIG

Did you know that Dr Patrick was just like us, an average salaryman?

His success did not come overnight. Before he made his millions, he was in fact an average salaryman like many of us; from working at A&W to processing paperwork. He slowly progressed and succeeded in the corporate world.

He started his property investment journey at the age of 17, without property investment, he would not have achieved the level of success that he has TODAY

It was also PROPERTY INVESTMENT that allowed him to turn his life and financial story around when...

he was $40 million in debt, and recovered ALL his losses within 3 YEARS

But his journey to success began when he was in the same position as you; an average salaryman earning an average income.

The difference? He choose to dream and take action.

Will you do the same? 

"I started as a Foot Reflexologist. Today, I am a global property investor, living the life I have always wanted.

Thank you, Dr. Patrick Liew!"

Raymond Tan

Foot Reflexologist turned Property Investor


✅ Dr Patrick's MODEL on how to identify which country or city to invest in and why.

How to protect yourself, despite the different rules and regulations in different countries.

How to assess developers and hire reliable property management services.

3 PROVEN STRATEGIES to find undervalued and high-profit potential properties.

How to avoid common mistakes (especially for novice investors).

How you can TAP onto the "megatrends" and "microsegments"?

Identify the best types of properties (residential, commercial, industrial) to invest in.

How to navigate stamp duties, taxes and other financial related issues.

and much more...

Come find out how Dr. Patrick can help you kickstart your property investment journey

towards greater financial success.

Event Details:

14 Apr 2020, 7pm - 10pm

28 Apr 2020, 7pm - 10pm


238A Thomson Road, Novena Square Office Tower A #13-10 S307683

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Get these special bonuses (worth $297) when you attend the seminar.

BONUS 1: Sustainable Success by Dr. Patrick Liew

BONUS 2: True Wealth by Dr. Patrick Liew

BONUS 3: Revolutionary Leadership by Dr. Patrick Liew

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